Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about how we can be confident.  We offer our congratulations to all of our students who have demonstrated this value so well. Our certificate winners are;



      • Class 1 - Matthew - for believing in himself and writing beautiful sentences on his own in the learning areas. 
      • Class 2 - Jaxson - for showing confidence in his maths skills- giving answers and being able to explain them confidently showing his problem solving and reasoning skills.
      • Class 3 - George - for really trying hard with his work recently. Mr Jardine and Miss Smethurst are so proud! He is really starting to shine bright!
      • Class 4 - Heidi - for showing an amazing improvement with her maths and is more confident reading sentences out loud in phonics.
      • Class 5 - Annie - for always confidently answering questions in class. If Annie gets a question wrong then she always listens to the explanation so she can learn and get better. 
      • Class 6 - Kathryn- for always having a smile, even when she makes a mistake she will listen to advice and go and try again. 
      • Class 7 - Parker - he has really progressed with his confidence and is starting to believe him his own knowledge and learning. He enjoy discussions and can discuss a range of topics in a mature manner, even asking Miss Hine her thoughts on the subject. Parker deals with new challenges and situations really well. 
      • Class 8 - Adam - for joining in speaking and showing other children great organisation and behaviour.
      • Class 9 - Codi- for having the confidence to put his hand up in class and wanting to answer any questions. He has been sharing some amazing ideas within our English lessons. Keep it up!
      • Class 10 - Joseph A - he has grown in confidence since he started his Year 4 journey. He arrives each day at school with such a positive and confident attitude towards all aspects of his learning. He is now confident to share his ideas with the class and he loves to accept further challenges in maths. Joseph is a beautiful butterfly who has fully emerged from his chrysalis, and I have no doubt that he will continue to spread his wings.  
      • Class 11 - Isla - she shows confidence to have a go and take part and is always willing to take on new challenges. 
      • Class 12 - Joseph W - for being able to voice his opinions and knowing what he is able to do and what he needs to work on to improve. He is keen to support others and will give constructive feedback to help them to improve. I have really seen Joseph grow in confidence this year and it's been a pleasure to watch!
      • Class 13 - Aubrey- her confidence has grown greatly in all subjects and her own abilities. 
      • Class 14 - Jack- he has become very confident in his own knowledge and ideas and is always sharing these during class discussions. He is a very reflective learner who is willing to have a go at new challenges and learn from any mistakes.

Our next VAA is OPEN-MINDED. Ask your child if they are

When talking to your child, after school, ask them if they are receptive to other ideas and beliefs based on the arguments of others? Can change ideas if there is compelling evidence to do so? 

We look forward to celebrating our next winners in 2 weeks time