A massive congratulations to all of our ‘Perseverance’ award winners today, who have been impressing their teachers and peers with their understanding and use of our featured VAA.

Our brilliant winners are pictured below, and your can read about their reasons for achieving this award underneath.

  • Class 1 - Caden - for not giving up when talking to adults and friends and thinking of new ways to say what he means. 
  • Class 2 - Albi - for not giving up with writing during phonics- He was very proud of his 'perseverance' sticker chanting to himself in the mirror, "I did not give up, I did not give up!"
  • Class 3 - Luna - for not giving up on her English work and making it absolutely fantastic because of this! She is never happy with the bare minimum and is always striving to do more and more.
  • Class 4 - Harvey - he has been working really hard in his writing. He has been coming up with unique ideas and always tries his best. A true resilient learner!
  • Class 5 - Aiden - his effort is always outstanding in every piece of work that he does and never ever gives up!
  • Class 6 - Ellie- for always trying hard with all of her learning, never giving up. She finds different ways to do things. 
  • Class 7 - Amelia - she has really persevered with her learning especially when it has been tricky. She has never given up, managed her emotions and kept going. She should be proud. 
  • Class 8 - Aria-Noelle - she is a fantastic example of someone who never gives up. She works so hard in everything that she does, and if she doesn't understand something the first time, she is always more than willing to go back and try and try again until she gets it right. She constantly looks for ways to improve her work and always uses her perseverance skills to be the best that she can be!
  • Class 9 - Phoebe- for persevering when teaching other classes sign language. She was very patient and made sure all the children were able to be successful. Miss Steele is so proud of you and your confidence Well done!
  • Class 10 - Harry - he has progressed so much in his learning this year and that is because he perseveres. Even when he finds something tricky, he does not give up and keeps on going, seeking advice if he needs it and putting a lot of effort into making his work the best it could be. Mrs Hamilton-Wright is very proud. 
  • Class 11 - Amelia- for consistently doing her best and never giving up, even when something is tricky. She always asks for help and support if she needs it and this helps her to keep going! 
  • Class 12 - Luke - the swimming teacher commented on how hard he had worked to improve his swimming. He was so confident after the nine swimming sessions and didn't give up when he found it tough. He swam confidently in the large pool on the last lesson and it was incredible to see.
  • Class 13 - Owen- he works so hard on his writing. He has tried and tried and never gives up. You can see the difference in his work. 
  • Class 14 - Louie- he shows his perseverance in everything he does. He never gives up and is always striving to do better. 

Next week, we’ll be celebrating our ‘Confident’ award winners! We can’t wait to hear the fabulous ways you’ve been demonstrating our VAA.