Today, we’re celebrating children who have demonstrated the Higher Performance Learning Value of Enquiring!



Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about how we can use enquiring skills in our work. At the end of the two weeks, the teachers chose one child who has demonstrated that they have fully understood what this skill means. So, this time, the award for being enquiring goes to....


Class 1 - Reggie - Reggie always gives 100% in every lesson. He is always keen to learn and thinks of his own amazing ideas all by himself. Keep it up Reggie! 


Class 2 - Grace - for always being very curious, asking questions and always wanting to know more! 


Class 3 - Florence - she has tried really hard to work independently in class, making sure she is not distracted and putting her best efforts in to her work, especially her writing!


Class 4 - Teddy - he has shown a real determination with his writing.


Class 5 - Duncan - for always showing keenness in lessons and for being fantastic at working independently. Great work Duncan!


Class 6 - Aiyla - for using her enquiring skills to really think about a money problem in maths.


Class 7 - Bethany - she always asks great questions. She is very diligent and goes above and beyond in her lessons and cares about the quality of her work. 


Class 8 - Leo - he is always very inquisitive and has a love for learning. He is always thinking outside the box and shares some great ideas with the class, especially in science, history and maths. Well done Leo! Keep being curious about your learning and you will go far!


Class 9 - Lennon- for always asking appropriate questions and being curious about his own learning in school and at home. 


Class 10 - George - for always asking super questions around our learning. He is keen to know more and expand his knowledge. George is a very hard worker and has amazing facts that he shares with the class. 


Class 11 - Lucas - for always being attentive and asking great enquiring questions, especially in science. 


Class 12 - Evie - for thinking outside the box and asking amazing questions. 


Class 13 - Poppy - she always wants to find out more about a subject. 


Class 14 - Ethan- he consistently researches topics that we have covered in class to find out more information. He then uses this information in his work at school and to make posters and leaflets about the topic.


Our next value is Practice. Why don’t you ask your child what they have been practising to do better today? Have they tried hard to concentrate at school? You can help to develop this skill at home, by praising your child for their efforts or showing them what its like to practice something. Perhaps practice doing something together – reading together would be brilliant!

We look forward to celebrating our next winners soon!