What a fabulous day we have had in reception today with our Teddy Bears Picnic!

This morning, we made our very own sandwiches in class. We practiced how to use our knives to spread butter and jam and then used them to cut our sandwiches to shape.

When we returned from lunch, we realized our teddies had gone missing! We showed lots of enterprise and used our enquiring minds to think about what had happened to our teddies? Had they gone for the picnic without us?













Thankfully we found a map and followed it around the school. We worked so well together, using the skills we are learning in class, looking closely for clues along the way.












When we reached the hall – our teddy bears were waiting for us, looking out of the window to see where we were.

Afterwards, we settled down on our blankets and enjoyed our sandwiches and drinks with our teddies! What a brilliant day of learning we have had today!