A huge congratulations to our 'Together' award winners. You make our school a better place to be. Together, we can ensure that our school is a happy, safe and rewarding place for everyone.

Our winners, and the reasons for their awards, are listed below.

Class 1 - Sophie - for always helping other children in class to zip up their coats.

Class 2 - Ava - for always being willing to lend a hand. She helps the adults and the children so that we can all work together!

Class 3 - Reuben - for working well and helping others when they're finding something tricky.

Class 4 - Alice - for always sharing and working nicely.

Class 5 - Mila - for always showing magnificent partner working in maths and helping others out.

Class 6 - Inayah - for being very supportive to other children in the class. She is aware when children need help and is quick to offer it. She shows them that together they can succeed.

Class 7 - Rosie-Mae - if someone needs help, she is the first to offer and if someone is upset, she shows great emotional maturity and empathy.

Class 8 - Oliver - for being a fantastic team member in Class 8, from helping people to tie their shoelaces, to supporting others when they are stuck in their work. He is a brilliant example of how to work positively with those around you. Thank you, Oliver!

Class 9 - Evelyn - for always supporting and motivating people to make good choices. She can work with others and has a positive impact on everyone.

Class 10 - Ariella - for always thinking of others. Ariella views our class as one big team. She will help anyone who needs it, from giving children her resources to checking that children are OK.

Class 11 - Jayden - for being a great team member - always wanting to help and work together.

Class 12 - Ryder - for looking after Aiden and helping him to become part of the class.

Class 13 - Harry - Harry likes it when the year group really come together to work and has shown real maturity this term.

Class 14 - Jaxx - for being supportive and encouraging.

Well done to all of you!