We’re really proud of our school dog, Teddy, who has recently completed his training with The Dog Mentor. You may have seen him in his very smart new orange coat, which he will wear in school, to show us all that he is working. Alongside Mrs Lythall-Brennan and Mr Hooper, Teddy is now fully trained to work with our children in their classrooms and he will be taking part in lessons over the coming weeks.

We believe that with Teddy, as our specially trained school dog, we are more able to create the nurturing, calming and positive environment which we strive to deliver. We believe that Teddy provides us with a supportive and non-judgmental companion, and he can create a calm space for children to express their emotions without fear of judgement.

In our classrooms, we have been learning how to get ‘Teddy ready’, ensuring that we are organised and calm. This should also equip us with the tools to manage stress, anxiety and other challenges that we may face.

Over the next few weeks, Teddy will start working alongside children within school. Either on a one-to-one basis or more classroom wide were required. We’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact that this will have on our children’s lives.