What an absolutely fantastic day Year 5 had at Safety Central in Lymm yesterday! Safety Central, a purpose-built centre in Lymm, provided an brilliant and enjoyable learning experience for us, offering simulations of the various hazards and risks we encounter daily.

The centre is ingeniously divided into four specially themed zones that captivated our attention. Streetsafe recreated urban hazards, while Ruralrisk simulated dangers one might encounter in the countryside. Safe as Houses was a realistic depiction of a family home, and Safer Choices prompted thoughtful consideration of our decision-making.

We actively participated in a diverse range of activities, immersing ourselves in scenarios related to fire safety, road awareness, electricity precautions, travel safety, cyber awareness, construction site hazards, water safety, home accidents, anti-bullying initiatives, well-being strategies, healthy eating habits, the Countryside Code, and first aid.

The slideshow below captures the enthusiasm and joy experienced by everyone as we engaged in these activities, not only learning essential safety skills but also having immense fun throughout the day.

Safety Central not only provided us with valuable knowledge but also transformed safety education into an interactive and memorable adventure! What a brilliant day!