Our children have, today, taken part in a colourful and symbolic display of unity against bullying, We have embraced the spirit of Odd Socks Day with children pegging what is a vibrant array of mismatched socks to our washing lines. We hope that our display send a powerful message about our commitment to create a safe and inclusive environment for all of our students.

Odd Socks Day, is a nationwide initiative, which encourages children to celebrate their individuality and raise awareness about the importance of accepting differences. Students and staff alike are proudly wearing odd socks to highlight that it's okay to be different and that everyone has a unique story to tell. From polka dots and stripes to neon colours and funky patterns, the variety on display reflects the rich tapestry of personalities within Westbrook Old Hall.

Our participation in Odd Socks Day is not, however, just a one-day event; it is part of an ongoing effort to create a culture where differences are not only accepted but celebrated. By choosing to peg odd socks to the washing lines, we are hoping to send a clear message that we stand united against bullying and are dedicated to nurturing an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.