Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about how we can develop resilience. At the end of the two weeks, our teachers have each chosen one child who has demonstrated that they have fully understood what this skill means. So, this time, the award for being resilience goes to....

  • Class 1 - Hayden - for not giving up when practicing his handwriting even though he finds it really tricky. 
  • Class 2 - Olivia-Mae - for remaining confident and focused in maths. We have been recapping our number bonds to recall them automatically and it is a hard task! Olivia was able to overcome setbacks when she struggled at first. 
  • Class 3 -Rueben- for taking onboard advice about his cursive writing and then applying it to his work. His writing is looking amazing now! 
  • Class 4 - Beau - Beau has started to bloom with confidence and overcomes setbacks. Beau remains focused with her work, which is an infectious quality to show the class. Well done Beau!
  • Class 5 - Megan - for being resilient in publishing her letter in English. She remained confident, focussed and kept trying her very best. Well done Megan!
  • Class 6 - Inayah- Inayah listens to advice about how to improve her writing and then confidently uses this in her next piece of writing, she will then support others to make the same improvements. 
  • Class 7 - Oliver - Oliver has such a positive mindset and even when things are tricky, he is always well mannered and takes the positives out of situations. Oliver doesn't dwell on challenges or negatives, and he always bounces back. He's an optimistic little ray of sunshine even in the toughest times.
  • Class 8 - Chiara- for always trying her hardest in class, staying focused on the tasks. She never gives up when things get tricky especially in English. 
  • Class 9 - Mason M - for remaining confident when given a challenge during maths lessons. Mason was optimistic about his writing when completing his end of unit write, independently. He has also helped others in the class to overcome set backs and has helped them to see a positive outcome. Keep up the hard work VAA EXPERT!
  • Class 10 - Ariella - for overcoming so many challenges and bumps in the road over the last few months. Despite this, Ariella has come to school each and every day and continued to try her best with such a positive and determined attitude.
  • Class 11 - Oliver - for persevering and being optimistic in all he does and giving 100% in the face of adversity. 
  • Class 12 - James - he never gives up no matter what! He comes to school with a smile and a positive attitude every day. He gives 100 per cent effort in all areas of his learning, showing resilience. His teachers are so proud of him.
  • Class 13 - Tom- for keeping so calm under pressure in SATs.
  • Class 14 - Jesse- Jesse is very focused when working, takes on board any feedback given and uses this to improve his work. He is independent with his editing and does this to a very high standard. Jesse offers great advice to his friends and will help them to overcome any setbacks.

Our next award will be ‘Risk-Taking’ and we are looking forward to celebrating all of the children who are willing to take risks with their learning in order to strive for the best!