Today, we’re celebrating our Risk-Taking award winners!

Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about how we can be risk-taking learners. At the end of the two weeks, the teachers chose one child who had demonstrated that they had fully understood what this skill means. So, this time, the award for being risk-taking learners goes to....

Class 1 - Autumn - Autumn will always 'have a go' at spelling a word in her writing, even if she isn't sure how to spell it. 

Class 2 - Kason - Kason has been putting his hand up a lot in lessons to offer answers. In the past, Kason wasn't always confident to do this but now he is taking risks with his learning and is very proud of himself when he does so. 

Class 3 - Lucas- Mrs Digney has noticed that he is willing to make mistakes in his reading and is not afraid to try and answer questions he is unsure of.

Class 4 - Joshua - has the confidence to challenge his thinking and help others. Joshua sets a great example of a positive learner to the whole class.

Class 5 - Matilda - for taking some risks in her maths quiz. She tried a few new and different methods and eventually got the answer. Well done Matilda!

Class 6 - JJ- JJ is always confident to have a go at his work even if he is a little unsure at the start. He tries different ways to make sure he gets it right!

Class 7 - Asser - Asser is always keen to try new things and gets stuck in with challenges. He has developed the confidence to tackle new learning using what he already knows and to put forward answers and solutions that push his own learning and knowledge. He doesn't play it safe, and this has hugely benefitted his progress! He should be really proud of himself.

Class 8 - Corey- Corey is a very confident learner and doesn't let a new challenge phase him. He always thinks outside the box and is keen to try out new methods to solve a problem - often with great success. Great job Corey!

Class 9 - Armanj - for having the confidence to put his hand up in the foundation subjects even when he is not 100% certain. 

Class 10 - George - George is never fearful to experiment with his vocabulary in his writing to ensure that he is creative. He takes on new mathematical concepts with determination and will problem solve until he gets the correct answer. George loves to add his ideas and his personal perspective to his class work, always thinking outside of the box!

Class 11 - Bella -  for consistently being confident to try new activities and have a go. She always learns from mistakes and tries the best she can to act on feedback given from her peers and staff. Added to this, she always has a smile on her face as she learns!

Class 12 - Amelia - she took a risk when showing people her art work as she felt a little nervous about what people would say. Amelia is an amazing artist and should be proud of her skill. 

Class 13 - Amber- for speaking up more in lessons even when she is nervous to do so.

Class 14 - Bella- she shows confidence in herself and is always trying out new vocabulary in her writing.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our ‘Concerned for Society’ award winners in a couple of weeks time!