Within Westbrook Old Hall Primary School all children receive a weekly classroom music lesson. 

The aims of these lessons are;

  • to develop musicianship
  • to develop creativity in sound.

The regular and practical nature of these lessons ensures progression in musicianship across the primary years. The children are regularly exposed to the skills of listening, singing, playing instruments and composing.

At a very basic level, music comprises of sound patterns and contrast in sound. The children's attention is focused upon these two aspects. They learn to recognise and then create patterns as well as to recognise how contrast is generated through the varying dimensions of music.

Patterns over patterns, patterns after patterns. Contrast in sound created by changes in timbre (sound quality), duration, pitch, dynamics, tempo and texture. This is the basis of the musical teaching within the classroom.

In the classroom the songs are selected or composed to match vocal development at the given age. The voice is seen as an instrument and at all ages the children are encouraged to sing and play. Instrumental parts are sung before they are played.

The children are taught the Curwen Hand Signs to help develop their sense of pitch. They are also introduced to and use the French rhythm names to chant ostinato (repeated) patterns.

The children are exposed to notation from the outset through the use of ICT programmes within lesson delivery and from printed song scores. They access this as part of their musicianship but it is always sound before symbol.        

The children are introduced to the Garage Band App and use it to compose their own music.

J. Oates

Music Lead, Westbrook Old Hall Primary School


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Our fantastic KS2 choir meet after-school on a Thursday for rehearsal. Please speak to Mr Oates if you are interested in joining our choir.

We are very excited to have been asked to perform at the Eurovision event in Liverpool. Please see the tracks below to help you with your practice.

Eurovision Concert - 28th April 2023 - Rehearsal Tracks

Dormi Dormi O Bel Bambin - backing track

Dormi Dormi O Bel Bambin - echo track

Dormi Dormi O Bel Bambin - echo track - slower version

Dormi Dormi O Bel Bambin - performance track

Two Merry Geese - performance track

Two Merry Geese - spoken pronunciation track




Our wonderful Orchestra meet on a Friday after school, and perform in our Celebration Assembly on Friday morning.

The files below should help you with your practising ahead of rehearsal.

Wash Your Hands

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As Traffic Lights by John Oates & Lyrics adapted from Rob Ryan

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As Traffic Lights - Full version by John Oates Lyrics adapted from Invisible Kingdom

I want to be an Olympian - by J.Oates

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We currently offer students the opportunity to participate in two after school clubs.












Guitar Club, is open to pupils in KS2 and is held, after school, on Wednesdays. Ukulele Club is open to pupils in Years 2 and 3 and is held on Monday and Wednesday.

At Westbrook Old Hall Primary School, children in KS2 have the opportunity to learn an instrument.


Instrumental Surveys 2022 – Pupil & Parent Comments

Pupil Voice: 

  • I have enjoyed every guitar lesson with my tutor and look forward to each lesson. 

  • I have enjoyed all my music lessons. 

  • I have enjoyed my lessons and want to do them next year. 

  • I have enjoyed all my lessons and I will carry on with ukulele. I hope to become really good too. 

  • I want to improve more and try to get into the orchestra in the next few years. 

  • I have learned so much since starting my lessons. I enjoyed learning new songs and working as a group as well as by myself. 

  • I thought I could have done a little bit better but I tried my hardest. 

  • I have loved doing drums, it’s really fun! 

  • I enjoy my ukulele lessons nowadays, I look forward to them. 

  • I really enjoy the music lessons and I am going to keep on practising and learning to play the guitar. 

Parent voice: 

  • My child has done very well in her violin lessons. 

  • My child has enjoyed his lessons and loves to play what he has learnt for me and his dad each week. 

  • My child has thoroughly enjoyed her ukulele lessons while at WOHP school. Thank you to her tutor for making the learning fun. 

  • Happy with the small progress made in few lessons taken. Would be helpful to understand how we can help him at home to make sure his practice is worthwhile. 

  • My child has enjoyed her guitar lessons this year. She’s always practising at home and giving mini concerts! 

  • It has been great to see my child develop over the last year. He has enjoyed the recent concert and this motivated him to do more next year. 

  • My child has loved all of his lessons! He constantly taps on anything he can, a rhythmic beat! Thank you for your time and patience this year, he is looking forward to more lessons in Y5. 

  • My child has been much more enthusiastic about ukulele of late, especially when he finally managed some hard chords and when learning about the palaeontologist song and writing his own. 

Instrumental Lessons - Terms & Conditions

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The links below will direct your child to instrumental sites on the internet. Most of these sites have free videos for your child to watch. By placing these links here I am not suggesting that you should pay for any online lesson but that there is support online to help your child continue with their studies.

Parental supervision is always required when your child accesses the internet.

Accent Music Education Website

I'm A Snail - Instrumental Parts

 Use this backing track to play along to.

I'm A Snail - Instrumental Parts

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Instrumental Lessons


Although I have checked much of this site I would ask that there is an aspect of parental supervision whenever children are working online.


As with any online activity there should be a level of parental supervision.


This is a YouTube video. As with all online content a certain amount of parental supervision is required.


This is a YouTube video. As with any online content a certain amount of parental supervision is required.


As with any online content a certain amount of parental supervision is required.


As with any online content a degree of parental supervision may be required.

Keyboard Lessons

As with any online content a degree of online supervision may be required.

Music Events & News

We are so proud to have been awarded 'Ambassador School' status and collected our award on 1st Match 2023. This is the third time we have achieved this award - a wonderful achievement for everyone involved.